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Class on 10/2- Transformational Mobile Banking

posted Sep 28, 2013, 11:24 AM by San Ng
Hi all, For this coming class, Isita Ghosh will be continuing our conversation on mobile banking. In her words: 

I will be speaking about transformational mobile banking as well next Wednesday, basically taking the conversation forward from where Saurabh left it. I intend to speak about two broad things: i) savings on the mobile platform and ii) taking the conversation of mobiles and money beyond mobile banking. I will be presenting my own research for the most part. 

I am including a bunch of readings here. Fortunately, the mobile banking space has a lot of non-academic traction, so I am also including a blog post for a quick overview!

1. Why M-Pesa should offer savings accounts?

2. The mobile phone as a link to formal financial services: findings from Uganda

3. An emerging platform:From money transfer system to mobile money ecosystem