This seminar will cover a broad spectrum of ICT4D topics in the form of presentations and discussions from students and guest lecturers. Some examples of topics might include: 
  • ICT used in traditional development fields such as governance, health, microfinance and education 
  • New technologies and methodologies that can be applied to development
  • Impact Monitoring and Evaluation of ICT4D projects 

Course Objectives
The goal of the course is for students to share and learn about the broad issues of using ICTs for Development.  

Professor: Tapan Parikh, 303B South Hall
Lecturer & Visiting Scholar: San Ng, 6 South Hall
Office Hours: By appointment

Class meets on Wednesdays from 11:00-12:00 PM in 205 South Hall.

Mailing List
Course mailing list is <ictd-group@ischool.berkeley.edu>. Subscribe here.

Grades will be determined primarily by a student’s performance on group assignments and in-class participation. The group project will be the core deliverable of the class, and will carry a significant weighting in the course grade. The class will not be graded on a curve. While the final grade assignment is subject to the instructors’ discretion, the following is a rough breakdown of the weight given to various components in the course.

Readings will be posted to the course schedule. Other useful books, readings, videos and other resources can be found here.